Given that deafness is a life blighting condition, it is a miracle that going to Tripp Hearing is a lovely experience.
They achieve this with the rare combination of kindness, actively  listening ; and underlying efficiency.

J.Hartless, May 2023
Can I say how pleased and appreciative I am of the service you have given me since I first came to your company. Your customer relationship is of the highest caliber.  Whenever I have had an issue you have always managed to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.
B.Jarvie, May 2023

After having a bad experience elsewhere, I was recommended to come to Tripp Hearing. Tara was very helpful and listened to me and my needs. Tara and her team are absolutely determined to ensure that the hearing aids I have are the best solution for me. I have nothing but admiration for Tripp Hearing.

P.Hunt, April 2023

Having tolerated my poor hearing for far too long : devaluing the joy of supper party conversations and busy exhibition’s , I contacted Tripp hearing , and my life was transformed when emerging from the practice with my brand new aids my ears thrilled to the sound of bird song …long forgotten , and thus began to feel less isolated.

J.Pratt, April 2023

I would like to pass on feedback of my experience since first having a hearing test with Hannah at your Wheatley branch in late 2022.
I was immediately impressed by her professional approach, and sensed that your firm would take a real interest in trying to improve my everyday hearing. Having decided to investigate further it seemed that the Witney branch would be more convenient to reach, as I live just outside Kingston Bagpuize.
My first appointment with Sarah, at the end of January, confirmed my earlier impression, which was so different from my experiences with another supplier of 2 earlier sets of hearing aids over he past few years. My new aids were duly ordered, fitted and tried out under her supervision. I felt able to consult her at any time, but did not need additional help. She took great care to ensure that the aids were as comfortable as possible, and has persuaded me to wear them full time, including during my many daily hours maintaining a large kitchen garden.
By the time I attended for my end-of-trial appointment on 18th April I was quite convinced that my initial impressions had been confirmed, so that I was both happy to go ahead with the new aids and to commit to your monthly plan. My next appointment is already booked for July.
My wife would also endorse my conclusions as she has benefited greatly from my improved hearing!

M.Bichard, April 2023

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