Normally, when you buy hearing aids you are also paying for all of your initial assessments, fitting fees and ongoing hearing tests and care, ut we realise that paying for all of this is one go can sometimes be prohibitive. Also not all hearing aid users require he same level of aftercare meaning users end up paying for something they do not use. So we have introduced HearPlan.

HearPlan is a membership programme that spreads the cost of your hearing care, gives preferential pricing on new technology if you choose to pgrade your earing aids, as well as offers on accessories.

For a monthly subscription of £25.00 for 1 aid or £40.00 for 2, you will receive all of the care and support you need to improve your hearing nd also get £200.00 off the cost of each hearing instrument. The table to the right shows the key benefits offered with earPlan. Alternatively you can choose not to take out a HearPlan membership and opt to ‘pay-as-you-go’ for future appointments.

Contribution of £200 per hearing
aid (£400 per pair)
Tick MarkTick Mark
Extended warrantyTick MarkPaid option
Unlimited service appointmentsTick Mark£75.00
Microsuction wax removalTick Mark£75.00
BatteriesTick Mark£4.50 for 6 cells
10% accessory discount Tick MarkTick Mark
Load hearing aidTick Mark£25.00 per week
Discounted future purchasesTick MarkTick Mark

At Tripp Hearing we understand that hearing loss and tinnitus can interfere with your quality of life and we recognize that it is essential that you eceive the care, attention and expertise to find the best solution to solve or manage your hearing impairment. We look after you every ep of the way to get you hearing as well as possible, leaving you to enjoy life to the fullest. This ethos has meant many of our clients have been with the practice for many years and we care for several generations of many families.