After taking a detailed account of your medical and hearing history your audiologist will begin the test. Our hearing assessments include the following;

  • Ear examinations using a fibre optic camera meaning the client sees exactly what is happening in their canal. The health of the ears is checked and any wax or debris is removed using microsuction.
  • Measuring whether the mechanical function of the ear drum and middle ear cavity are working normally.
  • Assessing the acoustic reflex of the middle ear.
  • Determining the amount of air flowing through the Eustachian tube into the middle ear.
  • Assessing the softest sounds that can be heard.
  • Measuring how effectively each individual can understand speech in noisy and quiet environments.

It is important to note the tests are all non-invasive and are completely pain free.

Your audiologist will then discuss and advice or recommendations, be it hearing technology or referring you to an ENT specialist. Once you have received your hearing test report you are welcome to come back to the practice for a follow-up appointment to discuss any queries you may have. This follow-up appointment will be free of charge.

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