LACE or Listening And Communication Enhancement is a series of computer based learning programmes that help people with hearing impairments relearn how to listen more effectively.

Whilst sophisticated hearing devices send high quality signals to the ear, the brain still needs to interpret these signals and translate them into recognisable words, so often a combination of a hearing device with some LACE training will achieve the best results.

As an illustration, many people with normal hearing do struggle to follow the dialogue when watching a typical Hollywood action movie – especially when the speech is delivered in an unfamiliar accent set against a background of loud film music and noisy special effects, for example. This isn’t usually a hearing problem; this is often a listening and interpretation issue.

LACE helps people improve their ability to understand speech, from very quiet voices, the distractions of loud background noise or when trying to follow rapid conversations. The training course consists of 20 sessions each lasting 20 – 30 minutes and can be run on most home computers. For best results, we suggest that this is carried out over 20 days. It is highly interactive and, at the end of the sessions, the results can be analysed to see where further improvements can be made.

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