You will see countless adverts offering free hearing tests from many hearing aid dispensing companies which makes you think, “Why should I pay for a hearing test, I can get one just down the road for free?”

Many of these locations have hearing aid dispensers, and not audiologists. Hearing aid dispensers have primarily been trained to test their patients’ hearing for the purpose of deciding if a patient might be able to wear hearing aids successfully. Audiologists have, of course, also been trained to do this, but the bulk of their education is in the science of determining the possible source of a person’s hearing impairment. In addition, audiologists are trained to determine the most effective treatment options for a patient’s unique needs, including hearing aids, cochlear implants, bone anchored hearing aids, middle ear implants, aural rehabilitation and assistive listening devices.

Hearing aids can be an effective tool in improving one’s ability to understand conversation and communicate with others but the audiologist’s role is to use all tools available to improve these important aspects of life.

Most hearing aid dispensers work on low salaries and high commissions, therefore being under pressure to meet targets. They will be highly trained in a variety of sales techniques and the majority of your test will be to sell you a hearing aid, rather than focusing on the clinical evaluation of your hearing. We see a large number of clients who have been sold hearing technology which is not fit for purpose or not programmed according to their needs.

At Tripp Hearing we pride ourselves on providing the best possible solution for each individual. As an independent practice we are able to supply hearing aids from all manufacturers as we are not tied into any agreements from laboratories. Any recommendations made are based on each individuals hearing requirements. This may or may not be hearing technology, but it will be the most appropriate solution for you.

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